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  • All prices are displayed in recommended retail price (RRP). To qualify for the set wholesale price you will need to order a minimum of 50 pairs. Please see below how the pricing works, your wholesale discount will be applied in the basket based on your total order quantity.
  • Orders should include at least 4 different designs. 
  • Moccis are sold individually to enable you to choose sizes and quantities however you like. We also offer a trial order of a minimum of 25 pairs.
  • We highly recommend ordering display feet to optimise merchandising. They are available in size 20/21 so ensure to order an extra pair of Moccis in this size of each design to use in your windows and by your till. 
  • All online orders are pro-forma based and stock will be held for a maximum of 48 hours pending payment. Once payment is received we will normally ship your order within 24-48 hours, subject to stock availability. 
  • Carriage is not included and will be added if you do not wish to use your own courier service.
  • You can only sell Moccis online after receiving a confirmation of authorization from Moccis Ltd, that agrees that you will only display Moccis with the RRP stated on or greater and that you will not sell Moccis on Ebay, Amazon or similar online market places.

Please read our full terms and conditions for more information.

Total Quantity







Order Discount
5-24 £13.50 £14.50 £17.50 41.2%
25-49 £12.50 £13.50 £16.50 45.5%
50-199 £11.50 £12.50 £14.60 49.9%
200-399 £11.20 £12.10 £14.30 51.24%
400-699 £10.90 £11.90 £13.50 52.44%
700-1199 £10.40 £11.30 £12.80 54.72%
1200-3000 £9.80 £10.60 £12.00 59.9%
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