Like most mums, Moccis Founder, Anna Wetterlin has active children who love to run, climb, and play. And, like all children, they also slip and fall down, kick off and rip holes in their socks and slippers, complain their feet are hot and uncomfortable.

One day, Anna was reminded of the moccasins she used to wear as a girl growing up in Sweden. A hybrid of a sock and slipper in one, they had a soft leather sole that prevented her from slipping and falling down. She recalled how super soft, comfortable, dry, and indestructible they were. They would be the perfect solution, … if only she could find them.

Upon researching the market, Anna found her moccasins, but they were dated, boring and uncool.

So, she began to create her own trendy, fun, and colourful designs that featured her children’s favourite things, from penguins and dinosaurs to princess crowns and soldier’s shields. The kids couldn't wait to wear them!

Anna worked carefully with the manufactures to improve the traditional moccasin and bring it into the 21st century. They sourced washable leather for the soles, ensured everything was ethically produced, used the highest quality luxury materials, created a special invisible elastic that ensured the product would hold its shape and not fall down or irritate the children’s ankles, all while ensuring that the hand sewn tradition would continue.

The result was the birth of Moccis- the first and only luxury hand sewn Swedish Moccasin to bring fashion, function, and fun to home footwear.

It wasn't long before celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Rita Ora, Sienna Miller and more started snapping up Moccis for themselves and their kids. The media exclaimed, “pull on a pair and you’ll never look at another slipper again”(Time Out London)

Now Mums are happy and relaxed knowing that Moccis help prevent injury, promote muscle growth and are safer than common slippers and socks.

Children love to keep their Moccis on. In fact, they are addicted and go looking for them. They even sleep in them!